EVERGREEN CHALET in San Diego, California - DID NOT CALL 911

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If you have a loved one who needs to be admitted to a board and care home do yourself

and your loved one a favor and stay well away from Evergreen Chalet of Vista, CA.,

They claim to treat you like family which could not be farther from the truth.

They left my father dying in his own *** for hours waiting for him to die.

They were understaffed with unqualified help. I would not wish this kind of care on the family dog.

A local kennel would have taken better care of my father.

George and Miriam the owners of Evergreen Chalet of Vista are great at telling you exactly

what you want to hear so they can fill a bed. My father was a veteran in World War II

flying four different air force jets by the young age of 18. He went on to be a highly decorated

Los Angeles City Fireman and was injured on the job and became a paraplegic. Even

after his injury he was always helping everyone around him.

What Evergreen Chalet of Vista, CA did or did not do for my father should never

happen to another human being. Save yourself and your loved one a lot of pain,

go somewhere else...

Monetary Loss: $1.

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